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James Coleman

Technical Director / Design Engineer /

Design Manager / Design Consultant


0044 (0) 7917 884 057


'a huge positive influence on IDC'

'many things to be proud of and you have earned a lot of respect from me and all of the rest of your colleagues'

'I have been massively impressed with your ability to sit down and solve a problem on your own—just a man with a pen and a few hours to get into the flow of problem-thinking.'

Mike Pratt (Previous Technical Director, IDC)

A Bit About Me

Over 20 years’ experience of consumer and medical product development from product definition and ideation through to post production optimisation.

Over 10 years working in China for IDC and Dyson and 1 year working in Malaysia for Dyson.

Over 80 disparate innovative projects (project managing over 30).

A strong problem solver who has provided countless creative, feasible and effective solutions and named on over 10 patents.

A nature lover who values fitness and outdoor activities. I enjoy improving my Mandarin Chinese.

I'm open minded, love to learn, thorough, hard working and driven.

Work Experience

July 2023 - Now

June 2014 - July 2023
IDC Design Consultancy
Shanghai, China

Nov 2011 - June 2014
Helping Hand Company

Freelance Design Consultant. Supporting IDC China on a variety of projects when needed in a similar capacity as before.

Technical Director, Innovation and Integration Lead and Quality Manager roles: Development from concept creation to DFM for a wide variety of products ranging in volume from 10 to 300 million per year and BOM costs ranging from pence to £100s. A versatile role including the following tasks: Project Management. Product and mechanism ideation and design. New project planning and proposal writing. Communication with partners. New business presentations etc. Collaborating with partners and working together with design engineers and industrial designers within IDC. Innovation and human-centered design is the core value of IDC.

Product Designer. Working quickly to tight deadlines on many projects. My role was generally as Project Champion, working closely with the Managing Director, the Chief Engineer, the Sales department and Production, developing projects at various stages of development from initial concept to design for production.

Nov 2002 - Nov 2011
UK, China, Malaysia

9 years working as a Design Engineer for Dyson within the UK, Malaysia and China. Experience in all areas of the Design process from initial concept development to design for production and post production. Named on 6 different patents for vacuum cleaners and the hand dryer. Close and regular collaboration with Sir James Dyson and the New Product Development Director. Chosen and trusted to work abroad on the newly formed China team and in Malaysia.

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