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Dyson DC22

Role: Product Design Engineer

Requirement: Develop the next generation cylinder vacuum cleaner for the Japanese market initially, followed by the global market. Performing design development in U.K. and testing in Malaysia. I was responsible for developing the motor housing assemblies for both the new digital motor and traditional variants.


Create / Design / Prototype / Test / DFM




2005 - 2007

dc22_full_product_core copy.jpg

Insight: Regulatory requirements for Japan, US and Europe require different design specifications. By compiling requirements for all categories before design development, a more efficient design process can be achieved.

Insight: Understanding acoustic testing procedures for different countries can help to optimise the product configuration to achieve the best results.

Challenge: Deliver to high performance specification within regulatory requirements and severe space constraints.

Solution: Close collaboration with Electrical Engineering and the regulatory requirements departments in parallel with thorough mechanical development, tolerance analysis and testing in Malaysia ensured a successful and reliable delivery.

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