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BMC G3 CPAP Device

Role: Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer

Requirement: Leading an IDC team of Engineers and Industrial Designers, working in collaboration with BMC Directors and Engineers to create the next generation CPAP device.


Concept Creation / Ideation / Testing / ID


BMC (with IDC)


2015 - 2016


Insight: We discovered water tank removal and replacement to be a major pain point. I invented a patented push-push mechanism which vastly improved usability.

Insight: We discovered water ingress resulting is device damage was a major frustration. I created an innovative water tank that allowed a high degree of rotation without water ingress.


Challenge: BMC's previous device suffered from sub optimal usability and superficially mimicked competitor devices.


Solution: Thorough technology and user research and usability testing allowed us to generate innovative concepts with genuine usability benefits. Development of Proof of Concept and ID models enabled us to demonstrate effectiveness and deliver a highly successful, patented product that has helped users worldwide.

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