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Dyson Airblade hand dryer

Role: Product Design Engineer

Requirement: Working with a manager and technician (small team) to create and develop a better solution to existing hand dryers, with regular consultation with Sir James Dyson. Once our concept was tested and proven, further development, testing and design for manufacture with a larger team working with diverse departments such as Acoustics and Microbiology.


Concept Creation & Development / Testing / DFM




2003 - 2005

airblade slider optimised 2.png

Insight: During development and testing of the air knife area (slot width / spacing / profile / angle) to deliver optimal performance, I developed a tapered tip profile crucial in eliminating an unforeseen usability destroying hand suction phenomenon.  

Insight: Use of extensive mechanical testing combined with FEA to maximise the openness of hand dryer area for better usability whilst maintaining vandal resistant casing strength.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 014101.png

Challenge: Previous hand dryers were ineffective, unhygienic and environmentally unfriendly.


Solution: We successfully integrated air knife technology into our paradigm shifting product configuration and added HEPA filtration to provide a solution that offered improved hand drying performance and hygiene with a lower carbon footprint than paper towels or previous hot air hand dryers.

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