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Dyson DC36 & DC39

Role: Product Design Engineer

Requirement: Work in Malaysia for 1 year within a large international team. I was sent to Malaysia to solve a stability issue the project team could not solve. Then perform design for manufacture, tolerance stack analysis and prototype testing to prove and realise the solution whilst absorbing and solving problems from other departments.


Create / Design / Prototype / Test / DFM




2010 - 2011

portfolio - dc36 - 39.jpg

Insight: Collaboration with tooling manufacturers and production line design is helpful in facilitating efficient design for manufacture.

Insight: Project Managers and Engineering Managers can be overwhelmed with ‘fire fighting’ and can struggle to understand technical issues and maintain project deadlines occasionally. We can help Project Managers and Engineering Managers by keeping them updated regularly and alerting them to potential issues early.

Challenge: Working to extreme deadlines, deliver a proven and reliable solution that meets challenging product specifications.

Solution: An elegant, effective, robust, dimensionally tolerant and low-cost solution, also incorporated into future iterations.

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