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World’s first camera phone (concept)

Role: Inventor and prototyper

Requirement: Unify a digital camera and mobile phone in one integrated product.


Create / Design / Prototype


Loughborough University


2000 - 2001

videophone_prototype_core copy.jpg

Insight: An interest in photography and the need for a mobile phone meant I always carried both devices with me. Combining the two seemed ideal although there was nothing available on the market at the time.

Insight: Using a flip lens allowed standard camera and videophone capability in one device. An innovation of the time.

Challenge: As strange as it sounds now, combining of disparate products was discouraged when I was developing this concept and was against the perceived wisdom of the time.

Solution: A considered solution that incorporated the advantages of the new digital camera technology within a comfortable and convenient flip phone package. This project achieved the highest grade of the year and the fundamental concept is now a part of almost everyone’s life!

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