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Dyson DC41

Role: Product Design Engineer

Requirement: Working with Sir James Dyson and the head of the design department, and one other Product Design Engineer. In a newly formed team created to ensure a unified design language was maintained across all the different projects and to ensure initial project design vision and user centred design was maintained.


Create / Design / Prototype / Test / ID




2008 - 2009

Screenshot 2024-02-01 202151.png

Insight: The handle profile of the ball vacuum cleaner had not been updated to suit the twist action required. Through user trials and prototyping we developed, patented and implemented an optimised solution.

Insight: When engineers are focussed on meeting a particular specification requirement, the overall design vision can be lost or distorted. It’s important to communicate and record the design vision and review regularly to ensure it is maintained.

Challenge: Part of the requirement of this team was reviewing all projects, identifying and highlighting issues. This was not always welcome. Soft skills such as diplomacy, patience and tact are important tools in a Design Engineer’s arsenal.

Solution: A unified design language to the Dyson product range with a more focused user centered design.

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