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Dyson SDA

Role: Lead Design Engineer

Requirement: Dyson Lead Design Engineer and mentor for team of Chinese Midea Engineers (Dyson and Midea collaboration) to develop an innovative small domestic appliance, working in Nanjing and Guangzhou, China. Also working with an Indian electronics team. Responsible for interviewing candidates and design reviews with Sir James Dyson.


Design / Prototype / Test




2007 - 2008

sda_patent_2_core copy.jpg

Insight: We found an alternative solution to the water tank, reducing the cost of the water tank area by around 80%. Exploring alternative manufacturing methods and materials can reduce the BOM significantly during the early development stage.

Insight: We had a water spout leaking issue. We explored several expensive fixes but I discovered looping of ducting solved the issue. Simple is best.

Challenge: Developing a product whilst at the same time developing a team and working environment within a foreign country.

Solution: We delivered a working proof of design prototype with significant cost reduction innovations over the original concept.

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