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Reach Surgical Ultrasonic Shears

Role: Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer

Requirement: Through competitor and technology research. Design, plan and execute user trials with surgeons to identify pain points and design opportunities. Create design solutions and incorporate into ergonomic models. Perform user trials with ergonomic models and benchmark competitor devices to prove effectiveness and integrate ID.


Usability study & user trials / Concept creation / ID


Reach Surgical (with IDC)




Insight: Internal and external user trials revealed current devices induced hand discomfort and fatigue. I analysed why and discovered a preferential gripping position which I integrated into one of our ergonomic models. This was proven to be the preferred solution in subsequent trials.

Insight: It can be a challenge to convince collaborating engineers of innovation benefits. Quantitative analysis with experts can provide the proof necessary to enact change.


Challenge: Create ultrasonic shears with market leading usability and ergonomics against well-established competitors.

Solution: Through thorough research and expert qualitative and quantitative user trials with surgeons we were able to apply our creative problem solving to deliver a proven solution with better usability than the competitors.

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