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XFT G5 footdrop

Role: Technical Director, Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer

Requirement: Improved usability and design specifically for children through usability trials and design development. A device that can be used on both the left and right leg.


Create / Design / Prototype / Test / ID


XFT (with IDC)


2022 - 2023

slide optimised G5.png

Insight: Understand the user. Usability trials with children and their parents and grandparents reveal pain points that may not be identified with internal testing.

Insight: Our broad research into alternative products helped us identify the easiest attachment solution and offer a large range of adjustability: A band system inspired by sports injury knee supports.


Challenge: Create a new product for XFT that offers the ease of use and adjustability required to be usable by children.

Solution: A versatile product helping children to walk, offering the easiest attachment system and ID specifically designed for children.

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