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XFT physical therapy robotic glove

Role: Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer

Requirement: Create a new product for XFT: A market leading physical therapy pneumatic glove.


Create / Design / Prototype / Test / ID


XFT (with IDC)



Screenshot 2024-01-31 215814.png

Insight: Research and deeply understand the manufacturing technology. We down selected and recommended the blow moulded pneumatic bellows based on ease and cost of manufacture and functional reliability after exploring alternative manufacturing methods.

Insight: User trials and product research revealed several issues with existing products such as difficulty attaching to hand, lack of wrist support and tangling tubing. Our innovative solution delivered improvements in all these areas.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 043121.png

Challenge: Create a new product for XFT that offers the best usability on the market.

Solution: Our innovative design features combined with an attractive and unified design language created the best solution on the market.

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