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Role: Project Manager and Lead Design Engineer

Requirement: Innovate the next generation of hand rehabilitation electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device and integrate ID.


Create / Design / Prototype / Test / ID


XFT (with IDC)



Screenshot 2024-02-01 035707.png

Insight: It’s important to research deeply and broadly. We researched competitor devices but also took inspiration from a wide range of consumer wearables.

Insight: The original brief was to use disposable separate electrodes. However, in addition to separate electrode concepts, I also created an integrated electrode solution and explained it’s advantages. This is the design direction that was chosen.

Screenshot 2024-02-01 035755.png

Challenge: Provide a better and aesthetically pleasing wrist rehabilitation device.

Solution: An innovative integrated electrode solution with removable main unit for improved hygiene and ease of maintenance delivered a competitive advantage. This fundamental configuration has been used on all subsequent iterations. 

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